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Czech Republic


Charles University

Established in 1348, Charles University (CU) is the oldest and most important university in the Czech Republic. Its scientific and pedagogical performance, along with the unique historical tradition, makes it one of essential Czech institutions.

The priority of the University lies in scientific and research activity. The scientific output of CU, as measured by the volume of funding obtained by the Czech universities, roughly represents a third of these financial means. Its goal is to be a successful and competitive institution within the framework of the worldwide academic and research space. Essential emphasis is placed on international collaboration with prestigious educational and scientific institutions. Charles University systematically supports interaction between natural sciences and humanities, sharing of unique technologies, exchange of knowledge and approaches, as well as inter-generational dialogue overlapping the borders of particular disciplines. The representative of Charles University in the EATRIS infrastructure is the First Faculty of Medicine CU, including its BIOCEV part, the 1st FM CU.

The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University was founded in 1348 as one of the four original faculties, and thus became one of the fifteen oldest medical faculties in the world. At present, the 1st FM CU is characterised by a modern approach to education of a new generation of physicians and other specialists in medicine, as well as by scientific research carried out at the international level. The faculty is a significant centre of medical and biomedical research both in the Czech Republic (CR) and in Europe.

The main activity of the Faculty is education of Master and PhD students. As an integral part of this activity, the Faculty carries out high quality research in priority areas. It is the most productive medical faculty in CR and occupies the eighth position in productivity among all the scientific institutions in CR. The Faculty has at its disposal a first-rate technological background, including state-of-the-art Centre of Advanced Preclinical Imaging Methods, one of the best-equipped centres of preclinical imaging worldwide.  

Key persons: Prof. Aleksi Šedo, M.D., D.Sc., Prof. Libor Vítek, M.D., PhD.

Platform participation: Biomarkers, Imaging and Tracing