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Open access

Typical users of the EATRIS-CZ infrastructure are basic biomedical researchers and clinical scientists located at universities, research institutions or small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)s and industrial partners that need support to overcome specific bottlenecks and to move their research projects from a discovery to the preclinical and clinical stage. EATRIS-CZ offers comprehensive services to help secure the successful and rapid development of new products. From the beginning, a translational project within EATRIS-CZ is accompanied by a multidisciplinary team and a project manager experienced in drug development and regulatory issues will guide the whole process. The guidance and support will include an assessment of the scientific basis, issues related to intellectual property rights, regulatory requirements, benchmarking with regard to existing technologies, potential risks, market potential, cost, medical need and ethical issues. EATRIS-CZ also supports the transfer of results to industry for further development.


EATRIS matches clients’ needs to the specific capabilities and expertise of the institutions, relying on a sophisticated and detailed database outlining EATRIS institutional capabilities. The EATRIS operational model in which a large consortium operates under harmonized conditions and a framework agreement, offers clients the same reach as a consortium, but with the safety and effectiveness of a bilateral relationship. This service lies at the heart of EATRIS operations and has been offered to an increasing number of clients since operations started in Nov 2013, ranging from biotech companies to academia and pharmaceutical industry.

Visit eatris.eu for more information and centralized access request.


2. Decentralized access via individual EATRIS-CZ institutes

In order to maintain flexibility and confidence of clients, direct access of clients to EATRIS-CZ institutes is also supported. For decentralized access, individual EATRIS-Institutes are responsible for administration of service contracts, material transfer agreements and other legal documents. Selection of projects for decentralized access is under responsibility of EATRIS-CZ Institutions and is usually pending upon approval of the principal investigator and available capacity of the institute. However, for open access involving multiple EATRIS-CZ institutes and budget >1 Million CZK, approval of the Executive board is required.


EATRIS-CZ offers two modes of collaboration- either under open access principle, or on a commercial basis, in which case the user pays the full cost of the project. The price of each project in this mode is calculated on individual basis.

Services and capacity of the large research infrastructure are primarily offered to users from Czech Republic and are subject to evaluation by the EATRIS-CZ Executive board,formed by representatives of the national node and by the representatives of participating institutes.

Projects are supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as LM2015064, Czech National Node to the European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine, while the institutional open access policy is compliant with European Commission Recommendation of 25 April 2018 on access to and preservation of scientific information (2018/790/EU).