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EATRIS-CZ is managed by the National director and Executive board. The National director is responsible for long-term strategy and quality of EATRIS-CZ and represents national infrastructure in EATRIS-CZ consortium. Among other duties, the National director also approves scientific proposals and resolves property disputes, exceptionally intellectual property disputes. He presents proposal of annual budget to Executive Board for approval. Except approving the budget, the Executive board cooperates with the National director and Project manager on strategic and product planning, approves new EATRIS-CZ centers and development policies based on evaluation of EATRIS-CZ utilization. The Executive board also assigns capacities to particular pilot projects and open-access at the national level. The Science advisory board oversees scientific focus of the consortium.


National director

Hajdúch Marián M.D., Ph.D.

Hajdúch Marián, M.D., Ph.D. serves as the Director of the Institute. As the highest-ranking official, he sets the strategic direction and ensures the institute's mission is fulfilled. His responsibilities encompass setting the institute's vision, mission, and strategic goals, overseeing the implementation of programs and services, ensuring financial sustainability, representing the institute externally, and making key decisions to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.
National coordinator

Šromová Kateřina

E-mail: katerina.sromova@upol.cz
Tel.: +420585632338
Vice-Director for Operations

Rybář Arnošt LL.M.

E-mail: arnost.rybar@upol.cz
Tel.: +420 585632075