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Vaccines platform

The EATRIS Vaccines platform covers the entire vaccine development and production pipeline ranging from late-phase pre-clinical development to clinical trials. Partnering with most advanced development centers, the Vaccines platform offers proven state-of-the-art resources for all critical issues related to vaccine development. They include specialized GMP provision with accompanying formulation and adjuvantation; disease specific animal models with facilities up to BSL3 containment; immunomonitoring, and access to clinical facilities with relevant patient groups up to phase IIa trials. The EATRIS Vaccines platform also provides a network of experts on regulatory affairs specialized in vaccines, to ensure compliance with all pre-clinical and clinical development guidelines within Europe. This allows us to bring projects forward in the minimum of time and with the most efficient use of resources, while ensuring high levels of scientific discipline and regulatory compliance.


EATRIS-CZ participation
  • IM


Major technologies/infrastructures
  • flow cytometry, BSL2/3 labs, animal facilities, imaging, specialized cell culture and modification techniques