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Biomarkers platform

In the era of personalized medicine, biomarkers play a crucial role in diagnostic and treatment decisions. Biomarkers also represent a key strategy for innovative clinical trials (e.g. patient stratification) that will facilitate cost-effective and speedy assessment of new drugs for efficacy and marketing approval. EATRIS Biomarkers Product Platform facilitates the validation and development of biomarkers for the prevention, diagnosis and prognostic assessment of disease as well as for the prediction of therapy response. EATRIS biomarker institutions utilize cutting edge infrastructures as well as a range of scientific, technological, clinical and regulatory expertise to operate professional and high-quality standardized services in biomarker development.


EATRIS-CZ participation


Major technologies/infrastructures
  • PCR techniques, NGS, DNA hybridization and sequencing, flow cytometry, imaging, specialized cell culture and modification techniques, cell and molecules purification techniques, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, mass spectrometry