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Small molecules platform

The EATRIS Small Molecules platform supports the pre-clinical and clinical development of drug candidates, utilizing academic expertise around novel targets and molecular scaffolds. The platform offers expert translational medicine institutions and has access to advanced screening facilities with innovative cell-based assays as well as integrated use of the latest biomarker techniques. Tailored animal models help shorten the time to in vivo proof of concept and study the mode of action of novel drug candidates and targets, supported by experts in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry and toxicology. In addition, crossover synergy is provided by the EATRIS Imaging & Tracing and Biomarker platforms to speed up small molecules development programmes to achieve early proof of concept all within one infrastructure.


EATRIS-CZ participation
  • IMTM, UCT Prague, IOCB Prague, IMC


Major technologies/infrastructures
  • uHTS/HCA analysis, medicinal chemistry, scale-up synthesis, analytical chemistry, drug formulation, GMP production plants, clinical trial unit, animal facilities, imaging